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Nicholas Blair

Hi! I'm Nicholas, a Graphic Design and Social Media Specialist

I recently have done work for the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health and am hoping to expand my career! 

I have been digital designing for 6+ years whether it's professionally or for my own personal hobbies! My designs consist of illustrations, posters, infographics, t-shirt designs, websites, stickers, etc.

About Me

I am recent graduate from the University of North Texas looking to utilize my array of skills in digital design in the world of Advertising, Social Media, Marketing, etc.

“You can be anything you want to be, except the person you don’t want to be.”


Get in Touch

Contact me using any social links provided above! I usually am very prompt to reply to everyone within 30 minutes to an hour.

Praise from Jorge Gutierrez

As you can see to the left, my work had received praise from the widely-known animator, writer, producer, director, and voice actor Jorge R. Gutierrez. He has created some of my most favorite animated works from El Tigré, Book of Life and recently Emmy Award-winning Netflix series Maya and the Three!

These two sentences mean the world to me since he is the entire reason why I even started designing and drawing in the first place. Truly a full circle moment.

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health(SASH) Illustrative Works

Halloween Assault

Consent is timeless

Black History Month

Personal Illustrative Works

El Tigré Fanart

Super Mario Fanart


SASH Graphics

University of North Texas Undergraduate Ad Designs

Peeps Marshmellows Print Ad

For one of our projects in my Art Direction course, our group assignment was to pick a brand of food at random and individually create a print advertisements for our brand. As well as a catchy tagline for the ad.

In my case, I wanted to advertise Peeps for the upcoming holiday of Easter. So, I used Clip Studio Paint with a splash of Photoshop to put the Chick Peep marshmallow inside of an easter egg and turned it purple and added red dots onto it for holiday spirit.

My professor had a few of his colleagues come in and judge our presentations along with himself of course. And this in conjunction with my partners’ designs helped us get the most positive feedback in the entire class.